BIS/BISS Am/Can/Intl Champion Kizmar Pagliacci Simply Witchy JH ROM
May 2000 - September 2011


Muggles (‘Mugs') came to Minnesota from North Dakota in 2000 with a warning from Kathy Rust (her breeder), ‘She is going to be a handful!'. Mugs has lived up to that prediction...and then some! Kathy and I came to find that Mugs inherited her Grandma Calla and Mother Eve's determination (aka stubbornness) and was as unique as her name (taken from the Harry Potter book).

2001 - Mugs finished in May with three 5-point majors in one weekend including BOB from the puppy class and a specialty BOS.

2002 - In limited showing Mugs ended 2002 as a Top Ten Vizsla, ranked #8 vizsla in the US in All Breed points (Dog News). Kathy showed Mugs to her Canadian championship and she was the #6 vizsla in Group points in Canada.

2003 - Mugs started 2003 with a litter of 4 puppies (3 girls and 1 boy) on February 5, 2003 . (See the 'Litters' link.)

Mugs had another great year in 2003 ending it as a Top Five Vizsla, ranked #5 in the US All Breed points with only 9 months of showing.

2004 - A trip to Westminster in February 2004 garnered Mugs an Award of Merit from an entry of 25 vizslas.

Mugs completed her Junior Hunter title in September 2004.

The highlight of 2004 came when Mugs was awarded 2 All-breed Best In Shows. Muggles is a 3rd generation Best In Show winning bitch, following in the paw prints of her grandmother, Ch Russet Leather Caveat Calla, and her mother, Ch Kizmar Caveat Spellbound. Muggles was the only vizsla in the US to win a BIS in 2004.

Mugs ended 2004 as the #1 owner handled Vizsla and #2 All breed Vizsla (VCA Stats). She did whatever I asked her to do....many times doing it her way or no way. What more can an owner ask.

Hatter 3

  • Muggles came out of retirement after a 3 year break from the show ring.
  • May 2007
  • - Central Wisconsin Vizsla Speciality - Award of Merit
  • June 2007
  • - 3 BOBs and 2 group placements and at the Twin Cities Vizsla Specialty - Award of Merit
  • September 2007
  • - 2 BOBs
  • October 2007
  • - Vizsla National Specialty - Award of Merit (out of 130 specials) , 1st place (out of 21) in Brood Bitch. Her puppies took Reserve Winners Dog (Kreacher) and Winners Bitch/Best of Winners (Wick).
  • Muggles is a 2007 VCA Top Producer with 4 get finished in 2007. Devlin, Sadie, Worm and Wick...all from the Muggles X Boots litter.

g4 brood
June 2007 - Group 4 - from Veterans class
(7 yo)
October 2007 - Brood Bitch - 1st place (21 entries) - VCA Nationals 2007 (left to right - Muggles, Wick and Kreacher)

  • May 2008 - Muggles earns Best in Vet Sweeps and an AOM at the May TCVC Specialty.
  • June 2008 - Muggles is a 2008 VCA Top Producer with 3 get finished in 2008. Kreacher, Bosque and Brandi. This is her second consecutive year as a Top Producer.

BISS at the Twin City Vizsla Club Specialty June 2009
BISS at the Twin City Vizsla Club Specialty
June 2009


  • Muggles 9th champion finishes.
  • May - Muggles is Best in Vet Sweeps at the May TCVC Specialty.
  • June - Muggles wins BISS from the Veterans class at the June TCVC Specialty!


  • Muggles is Best Bitch in Veteran Sweeps at the VCA 50th Anniversary Natl Specialty show.
  • Muggles is a Registry of Merit (ROM) Vizsla. See info on ROMs at


    • Muggles is Best Opposite Sex to Best of Breed at the Twin Cities Vizsla Club Specialty.
    Best Bitch in Veteran Sweeps at the VCA National  
    Best Bitch in Veteran Sweeps
    at the VCA National (2010)


    Muggles career record:
    2004 – #1 Owner/Handled Vizsla, #2 All Breed Vizsla (Dog News stats)
    2003 – A Top 5 Vizsla
    2002 – A Top 10 Vizsla

    • 91 Best of Breeds
    • 38 Group placements
    • 2 Best In Shows
    • Best in Specialty Show winner
    • Westminster Award of Merit
    • VCA Natl Specialty Award of Merit
    • VCA Natl Specialty Brood Bitch winner
    • VCA Natl Specialty Best Bitch in Veteran Sweeps
    • Multiple Specialty Best In Veteran Sweeps winner
    • Junior Hunter Title
    • Mother of 9 champions
    • Destroyer of many socks and shoes